Conference Program



Thursday, March 5th

Allbritton Center for the Study of Public Life, Room 311

222 Church Street, Middletown, CT



5:00pm Keynote Lecture 

Julie Livingston, Rutgers University

“Pharmaceutical Technologies and the Nature of Efficacy in Botswana”



Friday, March 6th

Conference Panels

Usdan University Center, Room 110

45 Wyllys Avenue, Middletown, CT


9:00am Technologies of Identity and Knowledge Production

Drew Thompson, Bard College

“Disputes over the Past: The biometric passport and studio photography in Mozambique, 1980-Recent Times”


 Crystal Biruk, Oberlin College

“Standards and ‘gifts’: Soap as improvisational technology in Malawian survey research worlds”


Summer Wood, New York University

“Technologies of Identity in Tanzania”


Panel Chair: Jennifer Tucker, Wesleyan University


10:45am Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and Development        

Susan P. Wyche, Michigan State University

“‘If God Gives Me the Chance I will Design my Own Phone’: Rural Kenyan Repairers and Reimagining Mobile Phone Design”


Sean Jacobs, The New School and “Africa is a Country” Blog

“Shifting African Digital Landscapes”


Gloria Emeagwali, Connecticut State University

“Interconnections between female entrepreneurship and technological innovation in the Nigerian Context”


Solen Feyissa, University of Minnesota

“Contextualizing Educational Uses of Information Communication Technologies inside and outside of Ethiopian Classrooms”


Panel Chair: Michael Nelson, Wesleyan University


1:45pm Imagining New Technological Cultures

Laura Ann Twagira, Wesleyan University

“Becoming Master’s of Nature: Women’s Transformation of a Colonial Irrigation Project in French West Africa”


Joshua Grace, University of South Carolina

“Tinkering with Development: Two Episodes in the Africanization of Tanzanian Cars”


Mahriana Rofheart, Georgia Gwinnett College

“Fictional Technologies of Collaboration”


Jennifer Hart, Wayne State University

“Of Mammy Trucks and Men: African Automobility and the Politics of Development in Colonial Ghana”


Panel Chair: Heidi Gengenbach, University of Massachusetts Boston


3:15pm Coffee Break


3:30pm Technological Cultures of Health and Healing

Anne Pollock, Georgia Tech

“Africanizing synthetic chemistry?: Hope in Drug Discovery ‘by and for’ Africa”


Donna Patterson, Wellesley College

“Pharmacy, Biomedicine, and Gender in Senegal”


Tara Dosumu Diener, University of Michigan

“Practice Makes Perfect: Signal, Noise, and Clinical Imagination in the Maternity Ward”


Sarah Hardin, St. Anselm College

“Modern Potions: The Social and Health Repercussions of Pesticides in Senegal and the Francophone World”


Panel Chair: Paul Erickson, Wesleyan University


5:00pm Closing Discussion